Gadgetbridge artikcloud

Using gadgetBridge app to connect to artik cloud.

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The repository is dedicated for the development of "GadgetBridge-ArtikCloud" app, a app that allow mi-band to connect to a android app and connect itself to artik cloud. This allows it to exchange data with artik cloud, trigger events or monitor events on the Miband. One can use artik Clouds analytics and rules book for further application.Here we have created a new device type for Miband on artik cloud, so people can easily connect there Mibands to artik cloud, build there app and have fun tweaking around.

GadgetBridge is an open source app that allows fitness bands like the Mi-band,Mi-band 2 and pebble bands to connect to it and exchange activity data. Instead of using closed vendor applications that do not allow developers to tweak in, one can use this app for customised app developement.

Artik CLoud is samsung's IOT cloud platfrom that allows IOT devices from different vendors to connect to a single platfrom and exchange data to be logged or trigger other activites.

In this project well be sending and receiving data back-and-forth the artik cloud and mi-band.


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